Work Experience


Currently I’m a software engineer at drive.ai, a start-up creating deep-learning Artificial Intelligence for self-driving cars.

I work on data visualization, data pipeline and software architecture.



In 2015 and 2016, I worked at Storm8 as a full-time software engineer.

Games I have worked on include Restaurant Story 2, Farm Story 2, Bakery Story 2Dragon Story, Castle Story, Fantasy Forest Story, Restaurant Story, Bakery StoryJewel Mania, Bubble Mania, Bingo, Monopoly Bingo

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I worked at Zynga on FarmVille 2 as a full-time software engineer 2014 – 2015.

In summer 2013, I interned at Zynga working on Ninja Kingdom.







In 2012 I worked as a developer intern at Rabbx, a game production company based in Los Angeles, CA.

During the internship, I built a prototype for a proposed social mobile game Loose Ends. It’s a turn-based social word game. I implemented the server with PHP+MySQL and Client using Unity+NGUI. In this prototype, players can create room, join room, play the game, review records, game data will be sent to server for analysis and designers can tweak parameters in control panel.







Hello Design

In 2011 I worked as a developer intern at Hello Design, a interactive design studio located in Culver City, CA.

During the internship, I built a web system that analyzes social media performance of our corporate clients. It tracks and visualizes information about the brand’s popularity on SNS.

Besides the standalone project I also worked on clients website development like Tillamook, Sesame Workshop and Prescriptives.







In 2010, I interned at Google Santa Monica after my second college year.

I worked on Chrome as a Software Engineer, stabilizing the open-source Chromium project at its fastest growth period.

I also re-modeled the Options dialog into a webpage from native architecture.









In 2009, I worked at Symantec Culver City as a Software Engineer Intern after my first college year.

I was on the Common Client team as a tool developer. I built and tested multiple Win32 tools used by other engineers.

I also re-architectured the build script of my team’s master workspace from 4NT to Python, both new to me at that time. I spent a day to learn the basics and started the project, figuring out solutions as challenges raised.