Indie Games

Fat Loot

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In 2013-2014, I led a team of 40 people to develop an indie game Fat Loot at USC’s advanced game project.

Fat Loot is a 3rd-person action stealth game on PC, where four players take on the roles of thieves as they compete to steal the most treasure from a guarded palace. The game features 4 characters with unique skills and 3 differently themed maps. Built in UDK, it supports networked game through Internet.

I initiated the concept, prototyped and pitched at USC’s selection process for the program. Then recruited members from friends, Internet and all kinds of sources at USC and nearby schools. Throughout the year, I mainly managed architecture and production pipeline, while coordinating all sorts of affairs across the team.


UDK 2014-05-01 17-10-18-63







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Evol is a game I developed in 2015 at Ludum Dare 33 Game Jam with Jason Ronzani, Vincent Le Quang and Zhien Wang.

The theme for this game jam is “You are the monster”. We developed this adventure game of a virus in Unity through a weekend. Try to reach the end and see what would happen when the virus encroach the heart!





BrokenHearts, Inc

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BrokenHearts, Inc. is a multi-player game I developed at Global Game Jam 2013. It won the Best Game Feel reward in the Los Angeles division. I implemented the game in 1 day using Flash with Flixel.

The theme for this game jam is Heart. In BrokenHearts, Inc., two players compete with each other in collecting and repairing broken hearts. They can set obstacles for their opponent and even steal from opponent base. Try beat your friend in 1 minute!






Monster Ω

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Monster Ω is an infinite run side-scroller I developed in 2012 with Henry Zhang (art) using Flash.

In this game, player takes control of a monster to fly away from enemies. Collecting clouds can help the character fly much further. Be careful of fireballs!






Bio Defender

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Bio Defender is a shooting game I developed in 2012 with Zach Macias (art) using Unity.

This game re-skinned Asteroid into a bio theme. Player controls a antibiotics to kill bacteria, which keep spawning and split on death. The goal is to clear the environment in shortest time as possible before killed. The control system was redesigned wobble to fit the viscous environment in vessel. We also introduced an energy system a hybrid hit-point/ammo pool.

bioinstructionBio Defender screenshotBio Defender title